10 years together as The Gothenburg Crew

The Gothenburg Crew was a group of freelance stagehands based in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2012, we joined together to form a co-op of experience and work under the banner of The Gothenburg Crew and in 2022 we split up because we simply wanted different things.

There are and will still be a lot of people proudly wearing The Gothenburg Crew merchandise and most of us still consider ourselves family. However, we will no longer be providing crew for other companies under The Gothenburg Crew name. The booking system may return in some form in the future under a different name.

Looking for crew or work in the industry in Sweden?

If you have come to this page looking for crew in the Gothenburg area (or anywhere else in Sweden) please see the companies listed below. These are companies that we generally know and trust. Some of them are used to providing crew for major stadium events and some are more suitable when you are looking to staff conferences, exhibitions, club shows, or other types of events. This list is in no way extensive and many more companies operating in the event business may be able to provide you with the crew you need.

If you have come to this page because you want to work, please see our company friends listed below, however, we take no responsibility if they follow the rules and regulations, what their pay is like, etc. You will either have to contact them and ask, or sign up to work with them and find out.

If you registered with us before, your information is safe under GDPR law and will NOT be shared with anyone. To continue being booked by the companies you used to work for through us, you need to register or update your information with each of them separately.

Our closest partnering company since the start has been Showpro – the main provider of staff for Live Nation events. This company will, moving forward, be offering you work using its own system, Showbase. Make sure you are registered there, have updated your information, and log in frequently to find work on the major events.