Summer Season of 2015

The summer season is about to begin, which means a lot of work for The Gothenburg Crew.

Here are the main events we will be booking for:

May / June

Week 22:
Summerburst (Ullevi)


Week 24:
Foo Fighters (Ullevi)

Week 25-26:
One Direction (Ullevi)


Week 30:


Week 34:

If you are interested in working on any of these events, please make sure your information is updated in our database, by filling out the form on the page “Work with us“, and also make sure that your email provider / client (Hotmail / Gmail / Live, etc) will accept emails from domain, so that the emails you get from us does not end up in spam.

When you get a work inquiry from us via email or text, please try to reply as soon as possible if you can or can not work, as this makes planning a lot easier for us. Most of the time it also means that the faster you reply the more likely it is that you will get to work on the shifts you want.

We will not chase you to give you work.